Can I create coupon codes?

Yes you can.  You can share the coupons any place like business cards, emails socialmedia, your...

 Do i need to be a HoppyHosting Client to join?

No.  It is not requred to be a customer. Everyone is welcome to particiapate.

 How do i sign up as an affiliate?

Getting started as an affiliate is easy and free   Login or Create an account...

 How much can i make being an affiliate?

You will earn 18% commission on any order referred by you. You MUST use the referral link to...

 Is it free to become a hosting affiliate?

Yes. It is completely free to join our hosting affiliate program.

 What countries do you accept as an affiliate?

All countries are welcome to join.

 What payment options do you offer affiliates?

Affiliates are paid by Paypal or we can credit your account.

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